Thanks to our triple helix model, we coordinate different projects for helping the regional economic development.

About us 

Our proposal focuses on the use of biotechnology as driving of the competitiveness in several sectors such as health, chemistry, environment, and agri-food.


“The Biocluster has given capacitation to the associates in interesting topics for the development of our projects, as well as they have promoted spaces for industry/academy/company entailment”.

Guillermina del Campo
Innovation and Development Manager – Ragasa 

“The Biocluster allows us to promote the technology developments generated in the Tec with its partner companies”.

Nidya Solís
Patents Director – Tec de Monterrey

“The Biocluster is a catalyzer for the intellectual and business development between Sigma and the associates companies”.

Emilio Méndez Merino
Innovation and Development Manager – Sigma Alimentos

“Our participation in the Biocluster has allowed us to accelerate our growth as company and to generate high impact projects based in the several biotechnology areas application”.

Adrián García
New Business Development Coordinator – Novogen


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