DNA Extraction and Quantification Workshop

The image may contain: 2 people, text that says "ID novogen ADVANCEDGENOMICS DNA Extraction and Quantification"

On Saturday, June 22, the DNA Extraction and Quantification Workshop was held. This was a theoretical/practical workshop in which the assistant received the basic theoretical framework of conventional DNA extraction procedures from the most common biological sources as well as methodologies for their direct and indirect quantification. It was organized by the Biocluster NL and taught by Novogen at its facilities.
The course agenda included:

  • Most common matrices
  • Most common methodologies
  • Methodologies for DNA quantification
  • Good laboratory practices

The practical part included:

  • Solid-phase DNA extraction
  • DNA extraction with chelating resin
  • Fluorometry quantification
  • Electrophoresis

This event was open to students and professionals. A certificate was given at the end of the workshop.

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